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Induction burner update and upgrade

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I grow increasingly suspicious of Wirecutter’s recommendations. They support the site through affiliate links, near as I can tell, and thus have a conflict of interest built in. Their top rated induction burner was the Duxtop 9100MC 1800-watt induction burner, which turns out to have only a 4″ coil, so the enter of your pot or pan is heated by the burner and from there heat must be conducted to the full cooking surface. This works fairly well for small pans and for larger pans with a core that conducts heat efficiently (e.g., All-Clad Copper Core or All-Clad d3  Stainless, which has an aluminum core), but it doesn’t work so well with cast-iron and in particular with 12″ cast-iron skillets.

After reading the Cook’s Illustrated review (CI is supported by subscription fees, so less likely to have overt conflicts of interest), I have ordered a Max Burton 6450 1800-watt Digital Induction cooktop, which has a 6.3″ induction coil.

UPDATE: I canceled the order for the Max Burton 6450 1800-watt induction burner and instead got a Max Burton #6600 Digital Induction Cooktop 18XL Counter Top Burner because it has a 9″ induction coil. So far I love it except that I don’t know whether to refer to the model as the 6600 or the 18XL. It works like a charm and has resulted in much better cooking when using large cast-iron skillets.

Written by Leisureguy

1 April 2021 at 3:08 pm

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