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Yaqi’s “cashmere” knot with Love Bombs and the Stealth

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I think the fragrance name is intended as an adjective modifying a plural noun, but my ear-mind connection keeps construing as a sentence with a singular subject — as in “People say love solves things, but often love bombs.”

Be that as it may, the lather is excellent in composition (it’s the CK-6 formula) and fragrance (Dark Chocolate, Rose, Rosewood, Bergamot, Tea, Orange, Lemon, Black Pepper, Ginger, Palo Santo, Vetiver, Cedar, Tobacco & Rose Absolute). Unfortunately, this was a limited-run soap and it is no longer listed on the Phoenix Artisan website, though perhaps some vendors might have some stock on hand.

The brush is interesting. It’s a 22mm knot (the bunny/Easter-egg brush I used Saturday had a 19mm knot), but feels a bit smaller because the bristles are so very fine. It’s an unusually fine and soft brush, though with reasonable resilience. I would say that the difference in feel between a silvertip badger and a Plissoft knot is about the same as the difference between a Plissoft knot and this knot. 

In terms of actual performance, it does a fine job: it loads easily and works up the lather well. But I’m certain that many men will say that it’s too soft on the face (speaking of the feel of the brush and not the resilience of the knot). I like it, though I like it in the context of enjoying variety and having many other choices available. I think it’s worth noting that Yaqi titles their catalog entry as “Yaqi 22mm Soft Cashmere Synthetic Hair” (emphasis added).

I have other brushes with a gentle feel from having a fluffy (and resilient knot) — the Mühle silvertip, my G.B. Kent BK4, the custom brush with the snakewood handle, the Fine Classic — but this brush is not the same: the knot is not fluffy but reasonably dense. It’s simply that the bristles are so very fine that it is soft, but with the density the knot doesn’t have the quick give, the immediate yielding that the gentle knots have. This knot stands up to pressure more than do those.

If you like variety, it’s certainly a brush worth getting, and it will define one extreme.

The shave itself was excellent. This time I particularly noticed presence of the pre-shave on the second pass, but the entire shave went well — two-day stubble, good prep, and the Stealth pretty much guaranteed that.

A splash of Love Bombs, and the week’s underway.

Written by LeisureGuy

5 April 2021 at 9:08 am

Posted in Shaving

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  1. Yeah, that name is confusing and can be interpreted several ways. Maybe that confusion contributed to the product having a short run on the market, but who knows? Consumers, not producers, drive the market, and consumer decisions are fickle.

    Love Bombs (the noun) suggests a “sensual scent,” whatever that curious description might mean.

    Steve Riehle

    5 April 2021 at 11:12 am

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