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AI and big data transform insurance

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Mike Allen has an interesting column of miscellaneous news items that catch his eye, and I thought this item was particularly intriguing:

AI and data science are transforming life insurance — one of the oldest industries in existence, Axios Future correspondent Bryan Walsh writes.

  • With a business model built on predicting the future of its customers, the industry is digging into the prognostication powers of machine learning.
  • Impediments include the industry’s ingrained conservatism — and the dangers of AI bias.

How it works: McKinsey report envisions a near future where AI has shifted the insurance industry from the traditional “detect and repair” to “predict and prevent,” with active insurance policies that respond in real time to changing customer behavior.

  • Tools include drones, data collected by the internet of things — sensors and software behind smart appliances, for instance.
  • Information from such devices will allow insurance companies to “provide personalized wellness products and care suggestions,” according to a separate McKinsey report.

Startups are disrupting the giants:

  • Lemonade — which last year became the first “insurtech” company to go public — overhauls the hassle of buying insurance, with a digital-first interface and machine-learning analytics.
  • Legacy life insurance providers use frozen-in-time actuarial tables to write policies. Insurtech companies like Traffk draw on thousands of data points to provide a more personalized analysis.

What we’re watching: Some experts worry more precise insurance rates set by AI could end up discriminating against certain groups, which in turn could draw the attention of regulators.

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24 April 2021 at 11:31 am

Shaving with samples

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That Phoenix Artisan Amber Aerolite seems to me an enormous brush, though the knot is just 24mm — still, it sure feels large. Their new Phantom Aerolite, though handsome, has a 26mm knot, so I won’t be getting that one. In looking at the page of Phoenix Artisan brushes, I have to say that they make a really excellent line of brushes, and though all the knots are synthetic, they vary somewhat in character and feel as well as appearance.

The Amber Aerolite made an excellent lather from the sample of Mystic Water Leather & Smoke shaving soap, whose (light) fragrance I enjoy (and whose lather is excellent). I transferred the small sample puck to a plastic tub so it would be easier to use and store.

Edwin Jagger makes a very fine razor head, and the shave it provided was again comfortable and close. It’s a very easy razor to use.

After rinsing and drying my face, I sprayed a small amount (equivalent to a splash) of Chiseled Face’s Ghost Town Barber aftershave into the palm of my hand and then applied it to my smooth face to finish the job. The weekend begins.

Written by Leisureguy

24 April 2021 at 10:18 am

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