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Traditional shaving starter kit selected from

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I generally buy shaving products from independent dealers (for example, West Coast Shaving, Top of the Chain, The Razor Company, Italian Barber, The Razor Company) or directly from the maker (for example, Declaration Grooming, Phoenix Artisan, Wholly Kaw, Van Yulay). But The Eldest wanted to send a gift to someone quickly, and getting everything there via Amazon Prime was the best option. So she asked me for recommendations, and I came up with an Amzon-sourced starter kit that I think is pretty good.

I thought I’d post the list since some readers might also be interested in introducing a novice to the art of pleasurable shaving — or perhaps want to try it themselves. Here’s the list:

Traditional shaving starter kit

Shaving brush – Frank is a solid brand, and synthetic is now the way to go..

Shaving soap – I’ve not tried this one, but it has a good selection of fragrances and good reviews, plus buying  a refill puck gives the biggest bang for the buck. He can put the puck in any steep-sided bowl, cutting the soap to fit if needed. (Cutting the soap does not affect how well it will lather.)

Safety razor – This same Baili razor is available (without the case) for $6 from Groomatorium, Inc., but the goal is to stick with Amazon. This is an excellent beginner razor: very comfortable and very efficient and is included in my list of good razors.

Blade sampler pack – That pack includes some brands I’ve not tried along with some brands that I have (and like a lot, though blades are very much YMMV — thus the existence of sampler packs).

Styptic – Just in case. I prefer a liquid styptic like this to a styptic pencil, which breaks and dissolves. (I notice in the list of styptics on Amazon some from Pinaud Clubman and some from Clubman Pinaud.)

I didn’t include an aftershave because I presume he has that already — he is clean-shaven, but has been using a multi-blade cartridge razor and canned foam.

She already has a copy of Leisureguy’s Guide to Gourmet Shaving the Double-Edge Way, which she’ll give to him as well. That should set him on the right path and help him avoid common beginner problems.

Written by Leisureguy

12 May 2021 at 11:35 am

Posted in Daily life, Shaving

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