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iKon Short Comb and Catie’s Bubbles Waterlyptus

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Waterlyptus (watermelon + eucalyptus) has a refreshing fragrance, and the later created by my Simpson Duke 3 Best was excellent.

iKon is right now selling their razors at a steep discount. I have no idea of the motivation, but my fear is that it is a matter of clearing out stock prior to discontinuing production: he’s been making razors for a good while, and retirement might be appealing. (FWIW, Krampert’s Finest have closed their virtual doors and discontinued production. Their Acadian Spice Bay Rum is my favorite, and some vendors still have stock. I highly recommend picking up a bottle before they’re gone.)

I have to say I cannot recommend the iKon Short Comb, though. It’s always been a problematic razor for me. With Grooming Dept pre-shave, it works well, but it still comes up short in the comfort department. However, I do highly recommend the following, shown on this page (and note that you can also buy the head alone, both from iKon and from dealers such as Maggard Razors):

• X3 Slant on bulldog handle
• B1 OSS
• B1 Standard
• B1 Open Comb
• B1 Slant

And if you ever find a 101, buy it. It’s shown as out of stock on that page, and the wonderful 102 is not even listed.

Despite my misgivings about the Short Comb, I did get an excellent shave from it this morning (along with one good nick, sealed with My Nik Is Sealed). The razor is indeed highly efficient, it just (for me) falls short in comfort.

A splash of Stirling’s Executive Man, and the (very sunny) day begins.


Written by Leisureguy

13 May 2021 at 8:58 am

Posted in Shaving

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