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Google Translate doesn’t know Latin

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A newsletter from Antigone:

The biggest news this week was that the silicon-addled wonks over at Google Translate had finally improved the algorithmical, alchemical wizardry that powered their jaw-droppingly inaccurate ‘Latin translation’ tool. Time-pressed students, brow-mopping professors and tattoo-hungry footballers rushed over en masse to see whether Google had indeed managed to do the seemingly impossible – master the automated translation of Latin.

It’s not for us at Antigone to tell you what to make of the results. Instead, we paste below five random phrases that bubbled up in our minds, followed by the magic that Google Translate wrought upon them. Faced with results such as these, we’ll be surprised if you can keep both eyebrows unraised.

Phrase One: Our favourite dog has run off on a wild goose chase!
Google Translate: nostri ventus canem fugit in fera anser!
Google Translate Translated: Our wind flees the dog – a goose inside the beast!
A haunting image.

Phrase Two: Get your act together, we could be just fine.
Google Translate: adepto vestri actus simul essemus esse sicut bysso.
Google Translate Translated: Had someone acquired your role, we would be together to be just like with cotton.
Hear, hear.

Phrase Three: Are these the best tales I can spin? A boy waiting to begin – a man of no memoirs?
Google Translate: tales sunt optimae<.> nere possum[?] puerum exspectans incipere – quis non commentariis?
Google Translate Translated: Such women are the best. Can I weave while waiting to start on a boy? Who can’t with notebooks?
They make all the difference.

Phrase Four: I enjoy buffets – I wouldn’t say love buffets – but it’s a very reasonable way to eat out.
Google Translate: plaga fruor – colaphos non dicam amores – sed edendi ratio admodum est.
Google Translate Translated: I enjoy a blow – I wouldn’t call fisticuffs my ‘darling’ – but it’s very much a method of eating.
[Appraisal redacted.]

Phrase Five: Back to the drawing board, I reckon.
Google Translate: in tabula extractionem revolvo.
Google Translate Translated: I roll back the extraction on a tablet.
Fair play.

Written by Leisureguy

12 September 2021 at 1:09 pm

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