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Time flies while you’re fermenting vegetables.

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And that’ll keep you busy, as Bob & Ray used to say. 

Two weeks ago I started a three-liter batch of Cabbage & Red, and today I am shifting it from “fermenting” to “food,” though the Red has paled.

Compare the photo above to the original. The Wife tells me that the reason the red radishes are now white and the red onion has no color is that acid is inimical to red. However, the orange of the orange peel still is vivid, and the taste is good.

I’m not sold on Savoy cabbage for fermenting. I have a batch of red-cabbage kraut underway, and that red seems to be holding up. I think i the future, I’ll use green cabbage or red cabbage for this recipe.

I decided on two weeks based on a remark by Michael G. of Pro Home Cooks, and it does seem fine. I will be draining the liquid to use in starting a batch of leek kraut tomorrow: sliced leek with a sprig of fresh tarragon.

The taste

It’s quite good. The jalapeño gives it warmth without pain (better than the Thai red chiles I used in Beets & Leeks, which were way too hot for me). Good textures, except the Savoy cabbage is tender where I wanted crunch. 

Definitely good to eat and confirms to me that fermenting vegetables is a good idea, especially now that I can use the liquid to start the next batch — and I think leek kraut will be interesting.

Written by Leisureguy

27 November 2021 at 5:17 pm

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