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Life’s little pleasures: Food masher division

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Perfect Masher™

The Perfect Masher™ by Kitchen Innovations has two good ideas: using blades (though not actually sharp, but still blade-ish — more blade than bar) and rounding the ends of the masher. The first makes it easy to break down potatoes, beans, or whatever else you’re mashing, and the second makes it easy to get to the very edge of the pot in which you’re doing the mashing.

This required a long-ish drive to Lee Valley Hardware, which is where I had seen it but hesitated to buy, but as a bonus we drove past Market Garden, a little local grocery store, and I was able to buy a lion’s mane mushroom about the size of a Chicago ball. I just enjoyed a couple of slabs of the mushroom — perfect little steaks, cooked in a spray of olive oil with a pinch of pepper.

And BTW, if you’ve never played Chicago softball, with the16-inch softball, you’ve missed a great pleasure. No mitts required, and be ball is actually fairly soft. Very fun. 

And here’s an actual game. Note the pleasant simplicity of this game: a bat, a ball, and 4 bases — elemental ball.

Written by Leisureguy

23 April 2022 at 5:16 pm

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