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Magical mushroom

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Just one of these mushrooms can feed you for the rest of your life!

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8 May 2022 at 10:04 pm

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Updated sauce post

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I added three more sauces to the post on sauces. These, however, require a blender. Again, these are from Derek of Simnett Nutrition, via his video.

You can download a PDF of the three sauces:

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8 May 2022 at 6:59 pm

A reasonable walk

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PAI points are now more difficult to gain, and when 41 points expired one day, I simply could not walk enough to make it up. I did a 3.8 mile walk and got only 15 points, so I dropped below 100 for the first time since Feb 18 (of this year).

That was on 5/6, and in fact the day before I just scraped by with 101 PAI, a day I earned 14 PAI for a 3.7 mile walk. 

So I decided not to worry about PAI. I figured the important thing is that I’m getting out and walking, and on the whole that is beneficial. Moreover, the fact that PAI points are more difficult to acquire is in itself a good sign since it means that I am getting to be more fit.

Plus I do enjoy the walk (and more so now that I am fitter), especially with the benefit of using Nordic walking poles. They do greatly improve the walk experience.

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8 May 2022 at 4:28 pm

A kale & cabbage ferment

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The starting line-up

Today I’m starting a new ferment, and I’ll add to this post as it goes along. Ingredients shown above, starting and upper left and continuing clockwise:

• 1/2 head green cabbage (sliced thinly)
• 1 Nantes carrot (grated)
• 3 jalapeños (sliced 4mm thick on Oxo adjustable mandoline)
• 2 spring/BBQ onions (sliced thinly)
• 1 Cosmic Crisp apple (stem removed and the rest grated)
• 1 bunch green kale (stems removed and then sliced thinly)

and in the middle:

• ginger root (grated finely)
• 1 medium red beet (grated)

I’ll use a culture starter. I think I prefer that to using wild culture. I particularly wanted to ferment kale after watching these two videos.

Here is a photo after the above was prepped and bottled and after adding starter culture, Celtic sea salt (I weighed the vegetables and then weighed an amount of salt equal to 2% of the weight of the vegetables), and spring water to cover [and that spring water should have been brine]. It made two liters, and I estimate two weeks: 1 week per liter. 🙂  I imagine the beet will dominate the coloring.

See my general fermentation post for a list of ferments I’ve done.

Update the next morning: A good trickle of bubbles flows up through the mass when I tilt the jar. Exciting, in a quiet sort of way.

There was quite a bit of liquid on top — I think the salt draws liquid from the vegetables — so I removed the fermentation weight and plunged a table knife down through the mass several times, twisting slightly, to loosen the mass, and the liquid level dropped. Then I replaced weight and lid for fermentation to continue. Farming does require cultivation.

22 May 2022: Ferment finished

Two weeks after starting the above ferment I removed the fermentation weights and the airlock tops, capped the jars, and put them into the refrigerator. After they had chilled for a few hours, I had a small bowl. The finished kale+cabbage kraut is exceptionally good — crunchy, tasty, and exactly what wants in a sauerkraut variant. (Because kale is a cruciferous leafy green, like cabbage, I deem this a variety of kraut — and it occurs to me as I write this: I must make a ferment using halved or quartered Brussels sprouts. I bet that will be very good.)

Fermenting vegetables is surprisingly satisfying.

Here’s a photo of the finished batch. Colors are somewhat muted since the beet has tinted everything during the two weeks. 

A portion has been removed from the jar on the left for a taste test.

Written by Leisureguy

8 May 2022 at 11:27 am

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