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Video survey of beans

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Because my diet is based on Greger’s Daily Dozen (with an assist from Heber’s palette of colorful foods), I eat beans every day, nowadays generally in the form of a bean-and-grain tempeh (50-50 mix). I found this video interesting. 

The video mentions the misinformation common on the internet in connection with the lectin in beans. I also have encounter that sort of thing — for example, a stern warning not to eat millets (which in fact are a healthful family of grains). The reason for the warning is that millets are a goitrogenic food, one that can impede the absorption of iodine. But so are soybeans, tofu, broccoli, and other cruciferous vegetables. That these foods impede iodine absorption does not mean you should avoid eating these foods, it means you should (a) eat a variety of foods, and (b) ensure that your diet provides adequate iodine. I eat unpolished millets from time to time, mostly in tempeh, but I also make sure that I get ample iodine in my diet and I don’t eat millet as a major food source. I also cook millet, and as noted at the link, cooking minimizes the goitrogenic effects.

Most people get ample iodine from iodized salt and seafood. I eat a couple of sheets a nori a day, which delivers all the iodine I need. As noted in a video on the best natural sources of iodine, kelp is not a good source because kelp contains too much iodine, and iodine, like many other micronutrients (iron, copper, selenium, sodium, and others) requires moderation: while essential for health, too much is harmful.

At any rate, here is the story of beans.

Written by Leisureguy

24 July 2022 at 11:03 am

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