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Institute Karité

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I realized when I last used my Institut Karité that I had too long neglected it — not to its detriment, but to my own: it’s very good stuff. Very mild, “clean” fragrance — like a good soap, which after all is what it is — and a good thick and lubricating lather. (The shaving soap, like the aftershave, is 25% shea butter.) With the Wet Shaving Products Prince, lather came easily and felt good on being applied.

The razor is an Edwin Jagger head on a Maggard Razors handle, an excellent combination. I say it’s an Edwin Jagger head — it certainly looks like it — but Edwin Jagger decided, in what can be best described as an act of generosity, that it would not mark the head with any brand identification whatsoever. Perhaps they thought the design itself would serve as brand identification, but then, of course, China sees the excellence of the design and they send in the clones. Still, I’m pretty sure this is a true EJ head, and it shaved very well indeed: very comfortable and very efficient.

After 3 passes, I rinsed, dried, and applied just a small dot of Institut Karité’s aftershave balm. What a fine way to start a day.

The tea this morning is Murchie’s Victoria Garden: “Notes of jasmine, lavender, sweet pea, and bergamot are combined with strawberry and vanilla in this smooth and well-rounded blend of green and black teas.”

Written by Leisureguy

4 August 2022 at 12:06 pm

Posted in Caffeine, Shaving

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