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Kamut and chana dal tempeh done

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Above on the left you see the finished slab of tempeh out of the bag (and the grid of dots from the perforations in the Ziploc Fresh Produce bag) and on the right a cross section of the finished slab. I saw “finished” slab, but obviously the mycelium did not quite finish the job at the top (which is still perfectly edible, and in fact I am eating it right now.

I made a stir-fry in my 12″ nonstick MSMK skillet that I had Evo-sprayed with EVOO:

• about a cup of chopped red onion
• about the same amount of diced tempeh
• a chopped tomato
• 4 chopped mushrooms
• a good handful of chopped gai lan
• 2 tablespoons of walnuts
• 3 chopped yellow cayenne peppers
• a pinch of MSG.

update:  Damn! I just remembered I have some very nice garlic scapes that would have worked well in this dish. Oh, well. I’ll be making something else soon. Maybe tomorrow I’ll get some baby Shanghai bok choy.

I started that cooking at “4” on the induction burner, then put the lid on the skillet, turned the burner to 225ºF / 107ºC, and set the burner timer for 15 minutes.

When it was done, I took a bowl full, mixed in 1 tablespoon ground flaxseed, and topped it with some Asian variant Hollyhock salad dressing.

This is the batch I began 4 days ago. Normally a batch in done in 3 days, but I went an extra day, hoping the mycelium would finish its job. Still, this tempeh tastes really good, and I just cooked and ate that top strip (diced). The tempeh — with Kamut and chana dal — has excellent texture with just the right amount of chewiness. I think this will be very good in a curry or a chili, and its certainly excellent in this little dish I improvised. (Tomorrow is the big shopping day.)

I don’t understand why more people are not making tempeh. For some, the reason is that their plate’s pretty full with jobs and young children, but I notice that even retired folk do little or no tempeh. Pity. They don’t know what they’re missing (but I do).


Written by Leisureguy

9 August 2022 at 2:23 pm

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