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Soybean and Kamut tempeh done

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This batch turned out exceptionally well. The slab at the end — 3 days and 4 hours — was slightly warm, velvety smooth, and solid with good rigidity. Aove is a cross section, with the bigger pieces being soybeans and the smaller ones Kamut.

There as not a trace of sporing or any bad patches. Really this was a perfect batch. And I now have the timing down — today I used the last of the previous batch, and this new batch is ready for tomorrow. I didn’t really have to think about it: on Thursday as I looked at how much tempeh I had on hand, I thought, “I should start a new batch” and put 1.5 cups of soybeans in the pot to soak overnight. Friday morning I cooked those and, separately, 1.5 cups of Kamut and combined them to start this new batch.

I followed my usual method. You can take a look at the full post for this batch to see earlier stages.

Below is the batch at the end, in the Ziploc Fresh Produce bag on the left and lying unbagged on the cutting board on the right.

Below are photos of the batch at the end, bagged on the left, unbagged on the right.

Written by Leisureguy

22 August 2022 at 4:35 pm

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