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Dr. Selby has a wonderful manner

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Shaving setup with Edwin Jagger shaving brush, which has a white handxle and a synthetic knot that very much looks like a silvertip badger knot, a white tub of shaving cream in a bowl that sits on the lid, designed to serve as a pedestal, and a clear bottle containing a white-capped clear liquid and bearing the label D.R. Harris & Co. Ltd., Old English Lavender Water. Lying on its side on top of the soap dish is a slant razor with a checkered silver-colored handle.

I am pleased to say that Dr. Selby has returned to the US from his home in Uruguay and soon can be found in various shaving stores. (More information on that as I learn it. — Update: the shaving cream is available now — and on sale — on the Dr. Selby website.) In celebration I brought out my tub of Doctor’s 3X Concentrated Shaving Cream — a cleverly designed tub that, as shown in the photo, has a lid that serves as a pedestal when the tub is in use.

The 3X concentrated shaving cream loads easily and it makes a thick and exceptionally creamy, slick lather, here with the aid of an Edwin Jagger shaving brush that has an excellent synthetic knot, very akin to Mühle’s Gen 2 synthetic, designed to feel and perform like a badger brush. I have always liked Dr. Selby a lot, and I’m pleased by his return.

The razor is the Goodfella’s smile Legione Slant, quite a comfortable but still efficient slant. (I confess I do not understand why “smile” is not capitalized in the name, but I’ll respect their usage. Perhaps it is a sotto voce suggestion that you show appreciation.) Three passes removed every trace of stubble.

Dr. Selby’s 3X Concentrated Shaving Cream seems to me to have a classic lavender fragrance, so I matched it with D.R. Harris & Co. Ltd. Old English Lavender Water. 

A great shave to start the somewhat grey day.

The tea this morning is Murchie’s Baker Street Blend: “Lapsang Souchong, smooth Keemun, rich Ceylon, Gunpowder, and floral Jasmine.”

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14 December 2022 at 10:46 am

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