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Achilles FTW and Yaqi’s DOC

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Shaving setup: A shaving brush with a tall aluminum handle and black synthetic knot stands next to a tub of Achiles shaving soap from Van Yulay, the label showing tall grass in the foreground with the figure of an ancient Greek warrior with shield, helmet and sword in the midground. Next to that is a bottle of Achilles after shave, and in front, lying on its side is a double-edge razor with a comb guard and the comb pattern repeated on the cap. The handle, fittingly, is bronze and is engraved in a spiral pattern.

RazoRock’s 400 shaving brush made a fine lather from my dwindling tub of Achilles shaving soap from Van Yulay. I’m rather partial to this soap, so a replacement may be in order in due time. 

The razor uses the double-open-comb head I ordered from Yaqi a short while back, and that is mounted — fittingly, for this shave — on a bronze handle from UFO in Spain. My guess is that he no longer is making them, which is too bad. The shave was a delight. Those Yaqi DOC heads are terrific.

Because Van Yulay aftershaves are balmish, I skipped the drop of Grooming Dept Rejuvenating Serum, but I wish I hadn’t. It really does add noticeably to the final result. Still, I am smoothly shaved and ready for the day, a day of a haircut and many errands.

The tea this morning is coffee. I bought a Clever Coffee dripper and a bag of locally roasted coffee and read up on how to brew best using the CC dripper. I’m enjoying it very much. Once on Quora or Reddit, I saw a question from a self-identified young man who wanted to know why people seemed like such a bitter, acid thing as coffee. I tried to tactfully explain to him that if the coffee he had tried was acid and bitter, it was likely he had simply not yet tried a good coffee that was well brewed. Robusta beans of indifferent quality, poorly ground and steeped too long in water that’s too hot, can produce a drink that tastes like black battery acid. Before judging coffee in general, he should first try a cup of well-brewed good coffee. That’s what I’m having now, and it’s very tasty. 

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4 January 2023 at 11:06 am

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