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Chickpea-Rye Tempeh done

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Cross-section of a slab of tempeh, the top perfectly white, the cross section revealing large tan blobs of chickpeas sliced in two along with smaller grains of rye.

The batch of tempeh that I blogged earlier is now done. It took 72 hours, the usual time for the method I follow. At right is a photo of the tempeh still in its Ziploc Fresh Produce bag; above is the tempeh cut free of the bag and the first cut made to break it down to fit my storage jars. The chickpeas are the large beige blobs, with the grains of rye smaller and darker. The mycelium has filled the interstices nicely.

This is a very good batch: solid, rigid slab. I really like the TopCultures starter. It produces a vigorous mycelium.

Once I finish the lentils and the cooked amaranth (seed) I have on hand, I’ll use this tempeh for the beans and grain in my meals.

Written by Leisureguy

6 January 2023 at 4:26 pm

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