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Good idea that seems not so good until experienced

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I wash dishes by hand, and I used Dawn 3X detergent for quite a while, and then when it became available 4X detergent because so little was needed. I would buy it at Costco, and then — it was gone! In its place was Dawn 5X — well and good, but it was in a spray bottle. The idea was to spray it on a dish and then wash the dish. Hmm. No, thanks.

So on my next Costco trip, I tried again — and again they only had the 5X with spray bottle: “Dawn Powerwash.” I gave up and got it.

To my surprise, it’s wonderful. Using a spray keeps one from wastefully using too much (5X, after all — even a small glug from a pour bottle would be overkill). And it works like a charm: I put dirty dish in the sink, spray two or three sprays onto them, fill with hot water and let soak a while, and then they wipe clean with no effort.

I was so sure that it was a bad idea, and now I think it’s a great idea. A prior judgments seem often to be wrong.

Written by Leisureguy

28 January 2023 at 6:32 pm

Posted in Daily life

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