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Black is the shave theme

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A black-handled shaving brush with a synthetic knot having a black stripe and gray tips, a tub of Black Shroud shaving soap, showing a movie audience wearing 3-D glasses looking at a monstrous  man facing them, his back to us and holding open his robe, and i front a double-edge razor in chrome except for a black rubber handle.

My New England Shaving Company brush has a resilient synthetic knot, and it worked up quite good lather from Phoenix Artisan’s Black Shroud shaving soap. I’m not sure I am all that fond of the monster-man flashing his movie audience, but whatever. The important thing is the lather, and with the CK-6 formula it is very skin-friendly indeed. I also like the fragrance, an homage to Woodhue for Men:

Top notes: Menthol, Mint, Rose [Note: The product is not mentholated in feel]
Middle notes: 
Sandalwood, Amber, Spice, Floral
Bottom notes: 
Vetiver, Woody, Cedar, Vanilla

And there is indeed no menthol chill, just a hint of freshness.

This Edwin Jagger razor has a fluted rubber grip, comfortable and secure — and of course the superb Edwin Jagger head provides a wonderfully comfortable and efficient shave: three passes to perfect smoothness.

A splash of Black Shroud aftershave, and I am ready to enjoy a sunny (albeit cold) Friday — today I’m making tempeh chili.

The tea this morning is Murchie’s CBC Radio Blend: “A blend of choice Ceylon and China black teas, Jasmine and other green teas with a touch of citrus.”

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2 December 2022 at 12:01 pm

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Cedarwood and the Chieftain

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Shave setup: Plisson High Mountain White silvertip badger brush with horn handle, tub of Cedarwood shaving soap with a brown, wood-grain label, botlle of golden Red Cedar aftershave lotion, and in front the Vikings Blade Chieftain double-edge turn-to-open razor

The pleasure of my morning shave has not paled, and today’s shave — excellent and enjoyable — was an example of how every day begins with a pleasurable ritual. That Plisson HMW 12 brush with the horn handle seems to have improved over the years, the knot a lush pillow on my face, and this morning filled with the fragrance of Grooming Dept Cedarwood shaving soap, whose fragrance is indeed very fine. 

Scent Ingredients: Orange EO, Grapefruit EO, Ginger Lily EO, Ginger EO, Pink Pepper EO, Geranium Absolute, Rose Absolute, Howood EO, Siam Wood EO, Benzoin Resin, Carrot Seed EO, Alaska Cedarwood EO, Hiba (Japanese Cedarwood) EO, Port Orford Cedarwood EO, Styrax, Muhuhu EO, Himalayan Cedarwood EO, Virginia Cedarwood EO. Texas Hill Country Cedarwood EO, Atlas Cedarwood Absolute. Vetiver Absolute, Patchouli EO, Vanilla Co2 extract, Tonka Bean Absolute.

The soap is in his Nai (vegan) formula, whose ingredients can be seen on the soap’s page. Grooming Dept soaps, once available, sell out quickly. If I get any advance notice of the next release, I’ll let you know.

Three passes with my Vikings Blade Chieftain — a really excellent razor, and now on sale for $19 (not an affiliate link, just pointing to a bargain price on a fine razor) — left my face as smooth as one could desire, and a splash of the wonderful Anthony Gold Red Cedar Aftershave Lotion finished the job. 

The tea this morning is Murchie’s No. 10 Blend: “a mild, sweet combination of Gunpowder and Jasmine greens and Keemun and Ceylon black teas.”

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1 December 2022 at 10:08 am

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Tallow + Steel Cognac and the Game Changer

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Shaving set up with strong morning light coming from the right, the left side of brush and bottle in shadow. Brush has a long white handle, ridged midway, and a silvertip badger know. Tub has a green label with a colored illustration of a wine barrel and vines, with the word Cognac in yellow. A tall slender cylindrical bottle of aftershave has the same label. In front is a stainless steel double-edge razor with a ribbed handle.

Tallow + Steel’s Cognac has a satisfying fragrance: “Cognac (38%) | Oakwood (21%) | Vanilla (18%) | Orange (8%) | Tobacco (7%) | Cocoa (6%) | Jasmine (2%).” The Rooney Victorian brush made quite a good lather, and I enjoyed the feel of the knot — it’s somewhat firm and has hooked tips, which give it a velvety feel.

Three passes with the RazoRock Game Changer .68-P left my face perfectly smooth, and a splash of Cognac aftershave finished the job.

Since we’ve been discussing the ingredients of aftershave, take a look at this one. It’s pretty far from Fine’s four-ingredient idea. Tallow+Steel says:

Aftershave.Water-based splashes that soothe and invigorate the skin from irritation, dryness and razor burn. They are full of nutrient rich organic ingredients that will leave your skin feeling soft, and can be used as a daily moisturizer. Highly concentrated – apply to a wet face for best results.

Organic Witch Hazel + Organic Aloe Vera + Water + Organic Glycerin + Organic Quillaja Extract + Organic Rose Hydrosol + Organic Calendula Hydrosol + Alcohol + Organic Willow Bark Extract + Organic Cucumber Extract + Organic Licorice Root Extract + Organic Rosemary Extract + Leuconostoc / Radish Root Ferment Filtrate + Lactobacillus + Coconut Fruit Extract + Natural Fragrance (Botanical Extracts)

The tea this morning is my own blend of equal parts of Murchie’s Assam Tippy GoldenCeylon Kenilworth, and Keemun Extra Superior.

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30 November 2022 at 12:02 pm

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Another day, another slant: Lo Storto

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Shaving setup: a silvertip badger brush with a polo handle having black and white vertical strips, a tub of Mike's Natural shaving soap having a gray label with a drawing of a loon, and a bottle of aftershave whose label shows a hummingbird whose beak is extended into a honeysuckle flower. In font, a gold double-edge slant razor whose hand has a twist design.

Mike’s Natural shaving soap again today, Wild Honeysuckle its fragrance. My brush, sold for a time under the name Mr Pomp, did a very nice job, as did the excellent Fatip slant, Lo Storto. A splash of Phoenix Artisan’s Honeysuckle aftershave finished the job.

i think it’s worth noting the difference in aftershave ingredients between yesterday (Alcohol, Water, Fragrance, and Menthol) and today (Alcohol, Rose Water, Lavender Hydrosol, Essential/Fragrance Oil, Glycerin, Prickly Pear Oil, Aloe, Carrot Extract, and Alum). Preferences vary, and my preference is markedly for the latter, which provides some skincare ingredients, and I think a small amount of alum is much better than a small amount of menthol.

The tea this morning is Compagnie Coloniale’s Wasabi & Strawberry — I found a small sack with a little left in it. It’s good, but somewhat unusual. The flavors of wasabi and strawberry combine to create a new flavor that stands on its own, not sweet and having depth. Quite good on a morning that sees snow on the ground.

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29 November 2022 at 12:00 pm

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The glorious Monday shave with Fine’s superb slant

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Shaving setup: A brown badger brush with a oval steel base, a tub of Mike's Natural Barbershop shaving soap, and Fine American Blend aftershave. In front, an aluminum double-edge slant razor with a fluted handle with small horizontal ridges.

Monday is always a good shave day, and the gloriosity today is helped by a splendid sun and clear sky. Today’s shave began with my Plisson Gray Badger, a wonderful brush, here with a heavy plated-brass handle. Mike’s Natural Soap, in Barbershop fragrance, makes a reliable lather. 

Fine Accoutrement seems to have made but a single batch of this aluminum slant, and I’m so glad I got a copy. It’s a wonderful razor, inspired by the Merkur whited bakelite slant from the 1930s, but even more comfortable and equally efficient. It is important to mind the angle and the pressure with this razor, but if you do that, there’s none better.

A splash of Fine’s American Blend. The label notes that it consists solely of alcohol (first ingredient!), water, fragrance, and menthol. Indeed, there is but a touch of menthol, which is fine with me. But no glycerine? Nothing for the skin? With this is an aftershave, adding some balm is definitely in order — so I did. (Though my bottle is fairly old, the current version follows exactly that original formula.)

The tea today is Murchie’s Baker Street Blend: “Lapsang Souchong, smooth Keemun, rich Ceylon, Gunpowder, and floral Jasmine.”

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28 November 2022 at 12:43 pm

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Gorgeous Grog, back again

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Shaving setup: brush with handle having a white bottom half and dark blue upper half, the synthetic knot grey with white tips, next to a tub of shaving soap and a bottle of aftershave, both having a blue label and with the name "Grog," indicating the fragrance. In front, a double-edge razor on its side.

Grog is one of my favorite Tallow + Steel fragrances — and it’s back! That was a surprise, since I don’t recall Tallow + Steel reprising any of their fragrances before. I got an email:

Holiday Sale

Use code: FRIDAY20 for 20% off through Monday.

Grog Returns!

Called by some “a bay rum for those who dislike bay rum.”

It is said that in the 1700’s during the age of piracy, British Vice Admiral Edward Vernon introduced a drink to the Royal Navy made of rum and citrus, often with the addition of herb and spices. It was named Grog, and perhaps this is what it smelled like. But probably not.

Thank You

We want to send a special thank you to all of our customers for sticking with us throughout our busy 2022 relocation. We have lots planned for the next year, and it is shaping up to be an exciting 2023.

We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season.

“Grog” comes from Admiral Vernon’s nickname, “Old Grog.” From Wikipedia:

Grog is a term used for a variety of alcoholic beverages. The word originally referred to rum diluted with water (and later on long sea voyages, also added the juice of limes or lemons), which British Vice-Admiral Edward Vernon introduced into the naval squadron he commanded in the West Indies on 21 August 1740. Vernon wore a coat of grogram cloth and was nicknamed Old Grogram or Old Grog. The Merriam–Webster Collegiate Dictionary, which agrees with this story of the word’s origin, states that the word grog was first used in this sense in 1770, though other sources cite 1749. 

The above link is not an affiliate link. I bring it to your attention just because I like the fragrance (“West Indies Bay + Key Lime + Labdanum + White Fir + Rosemary + Ylang Ylang”) and also the soap and aftershave. The ingredients for my tub:

Stearic Acid + Tallow (from local, pasture-raised, 100% grass-fed cattle) + Water + Potassium Hydroxide + Sodium Hydroxide + Organic Castor Oil + Organic Glycerin + Organic Coconut Oil + Organic Avocado Oil + Lanolin + Silk + Essential Oils + Vitamin E

Phoenix Artisan’s Starcraft shaving brush easily created a fine lather with a great fragrance, and my RazoRock Old Type — a wonderful razor despite its modest price — comfortably and easily removed every trace of stubble. Three passes left my face smooth (and undamaged), and I finished with a splash of Grog. 

The tea this morning is Murchie’s Library Blend: “This blend of Ceylon, Jasmine, Keemun, and Gunpowder teas has a rich, full base with the sparkle of aromatic Jasmine. “

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26 November 2022 at 10:51 am

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Rustler’s Ridge and the RazoRock Game Changer

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Shaving setup with long-handled silvertip badger shaving brush, a tub of shaving soap and aftershave, and in front a double-edged razor with a barberpole-design handle.

I do like Phoenix Artisan’s Rustler’s Ridge:

Top Notes MadagascarVanilla Bean, Ozone, Prickly Pear, 
Heart Notes Sage, Animalic Musk, 
Base Notes Spruce, Cedar.

That it’s the CK-6 formula is the icing on the cake. Also nice: it’s a 5-oz tub instead of the usual 4-oz — 20% more.

My Copper Hat silvertip made a luscious lather, and RazoRock’s Game Changer .84-P, here with the barberpole handle, is a superb razor. Today’s shave produced a perfectly smooth result.

A splash of Rustler’s Ridge cologne/aftershave, and the day is underway.

The tea this morning is Murchie’s Storm Watcher

Contains: Yunnan and Ceylon
Tasting Notes: Full-bodied with low astringency, a selection of tea terroirs blended for a brisk, satisfying mug. Slightly smoky with toasted malty notes.


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25 November 2022 at 9:16 am

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Exotic shave today

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Shaving setup: Mühle brush with their windmill logo on the handle, tub of Indian Flavour shaving soap with a Henson aluminum double-edge razor rest on top, and a bottle of Pashana aftershave.

The fragrances of today’s shave struck me as pleasingly exotic. First was the soap: Meißner Tremonia’s Indian Flavour, with essential oils of coriander, mint, and lavender. MT soaps make fine lather, and my Mühle Gen 2 synthetic did a quick job.

Henson’s AL13 is a terrific razor. So far as I can tell, it cannot nick. If the angle is off, the blade no longer makes contact, and withal, it is highly efficient. I am enjoying a very smooth finish, along with the fragrance from my Pashana aftershave, a musky, spicy scent.

The tea this morning is Murchie’s Lemon Tea: “the flavour of fresh lemon on rich Ceylon, Darjeeling, Keemun, and Nepal black teas.”

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24 November 2022 at 8:49 am

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Warm Woods and a Yaqi DOC

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Shave setup: Omega Pro 48 boar shaving brush, a tub of Warm Woods shaving soap and a Yaqi double-edge gunmetal-color razor on top, and Woods aftershave sith silhouettes of trees on the label.

The Omega Pro 48 brush is always a great pleasure to use, and it worked up a fine lather on Meißner-Tremonia’s Warm Woods shaving soap.

Yaqi’s double-open-comb razor is wonderfully comfortable and efficient, and I also like this handle quite a bit. The gunmetal color is a nice touch. Three easy passes did the job, and then a splash of Saint Charles Shave Woods aftershave finished the job.

The tea this morning is Murchie’s Ode to Joy: “aromatic jasmine and apricot makes an enchanting green-black tea.”

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23 November 2022 at 11:06 am

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How Coffee Fueled Revolutions—and Revolutionary Ideas

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Jessica Pearce Rotondi writes in History:

Sultan Murad IV decreed death to coffee drinkers in the Ottoman Empire. King Charles II dispatched spies to infiltrate London’s coffeehouses, which he saw as the original source of “false news.” During the Enlightenment, Voltaire, Rousseau and Isaac Newton could all be found talking philosophy over coffee. The cafés of Paris sheltered revolutionaries plotting the storming of the Bastille and later, served as the place authors like Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre plotted their latest books.

History is steeped in ideas sparked over cups of coffee. Here’s a rundown of the revolutionary power of the commonplace café.

The First Coffee House Opens in the Ottoman Empire

Coffee houses began in the Ottoman Empire. Since liquor and bars were off-limits to most practicing Muslims, coffeehouses provided an alternative place to gather, socialize and share ideas. Coffee’s affordability and egalitarian structure—anyone could come in and order a cup—eroded centuries of social norms. Not everyone was pleased by this change.

In 1633, Sultan Murad IV decreed that the consumption of coffee was a capital offense. Murad IV’s brother and uncle had been killed by janissaries, infantry units who were known to frequent cafes. The sultan was so dedicated to catching coffee sippers in the act that he allegedly disguised himself as a commoner and prowled Istanbul, decapitating offenders with his hundred-pound broadsword.

Ottoman sultans issued and retracted coffeehouse bans well into the 18th century to prevent the gathering of dissidents. But by then, . . .

Continue reading.

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22 November 2022 at 8:11 pm

Otoko Organics and the superb Fendrihan Mk II

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Shaving setup, left to right: Edwin Jagger synhetic shaving brush with white handle, Otoko Organics tub of shaving soap (translucent plastic with an irregular green ring around Japanese character), and a clear glass bottle of Speick aftershave,, red and blue label with white cap on bottle. In front, a bronze coated stainless-steel double-edge razor.

Edwin Jagger’s somewhat coarse (but comfortable on the face) knot instantly created a lather from Otoko Organics, an unusual and highly pleasing Australian shaving compound. Not exactly a soap, it produces an effective and slightly stiffish lather with a clean and pleasant fragrance, probably from the pear essence that’s part of the formula.

Fendrihan’s MKII razor is a thoroughbred workhorse, if there were such a thing: a combination of attractive design, excellent workmanship resulting in first-rate fit and finish, fine comfort, and highly efficient performance. It’s made of stainless steel, and this model is bronze coated. 

Three passes left my face exceptionally smooth, and a splash of Speick finished the job. 

The tea this morning is Murchie’s Hatley Castle Blend: “Black tea, green tea (including Jasmine).”

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22 November 2022 at 9:53 am

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Extro, a new-to-me shaving soap, and the Parker Semi-Slant

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Shaving set-up, left to right: Monarch silvertip badger brush, tub of Extro shaving soap with a label being a drawing of two WW I era pilots looking directly at the viewer, and Barrister & Mann Reserve Classic aftershave. In front, on its side, a double-edge razor with blue handle.

I had never heard of the brand Extro, but it looked intriguing. New England Shaving Company offers a variety. I decided to buy a tub of 17 Stormo:

Woody, aromatic fragrance that boldly contrasts mysterious, erotic, and warm aromas with top notes of black pepper and with hints of heliotropies, resins, and coffee and with a background of incense, oudh, amber, musk, and red pepper. 

The fragrance sounds interesting, but the clincher was the look those two guys were giving me, if they were coolly appraising me, deciding whether I passed must. Also, I was intrigued by what little was said about the ingredients:

100% vegetable based and free from parabens/harsh alcohols, the shaving creams are enriched with Q10, Royal Jelly, Calendula Oil, and other natural ingredients.

Top view of an open jar of shaving soap, gray in color, the word EXTRO stamped into the soap.

Unfortunately, there is not a simple ingredient list, but that sounded promising. The soap comes in a thick, heavy glass tub (like RazoRock’s The Dead Sea or Martin de Candre or Meißner Tremonia). The top of the soap was stamped (shown at right), much as Tallow + Steel once was, and Meißner Tremonia. It’s a finishing touch that appeals to me: the maker putting their mark on the product.

So how does the soap perform? Extremely well. It provides a rich and thick lather that feels very nice on my skin and provides excellent glide, and the fragrance did prove to be present and pleasing. Altogether, it was a pleasure, and I think I’ll buy another tub of this at some point. You can’t have too many shaving soaps, right?

My Parker Semi-Slant, mounted here on a Yaqi handle, quickly and easily stripped away the weekend stubble, and a splash of Barrister & Mann’s Classic Reserve aftershave finished the job. A great way to start the week.

The tea this morning is Murchie’s Queen Victoria: “First blended in honour of Queen Victoria, this is one of Murchie’s oldest blends: rich Darjeeling and Ceylon, smoky Lapsang Souchong, and sweet Jasmine.”

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21 November 2022 at 12:40 pm

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Lea is terrific, as is this brush

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Shave setup: left to right, a brush with its travel tube behind it, a tin of Lea shaving cream, and a bottle of La Toja Hombre aftershave. In front, the Baili adjustable razor, with a long, dimpled, chrome handle.

I recently found a new vendor of shaving supplies, the New England Shaving Company, and ordered a couple of soaps from them. They knew of my blog and articles, so they kindly included at no cost the shaving brush shown. I don’t see that model on their site, so it may be new or perhaps discontinued. 

I like it. It has a chequered handle — so a good grip — and it is a size I like (I’m guessing 20-22mm). The knot is the same sort of synthetic as the Mühle Gen 2 or Edwin Jagger: coarser than a Plissoft brush and having more the feel of natural fiber. Moreover, this brush came with a travel tube container, shown in the background. One nice thing about a synthetic brush: it does no harm to put it into the travel tube when it’s not completely dry. 

I had ordered two soaps, one of them a Lea soap (a Spanish brand) because I had good memories of the Lea shave stick. Their catalog offers two Lea soaps, this one and another one that comes either as a puck or in a wooden bowl. When I got it, however, it turned out to be a shaving cream (as is denoted on the lid, as you see in the photo).

No harm done. It’s pretty good as a shaving cream, though I think at some point I’ll order the soap as well. (I prefer soaps to creams, as it turns out.) I got a good lather, and it’s a fairly firm shaving cream, so it was easy to load the brush from the tub. The fragrance is a light, clean “soap-like” fragrance.

My RazoRock Adjust (a Baili razor) is extremely good, startlingly so given its modest price. Three passes removed every trace of stubble in the most comfortable way possible.

A splash of La Toja’s Hombre aftershave, and the weekend begins.

The tea this morning is Murchie’s Balmoral Blend: “a strong, traditional, rich blend of bright Ceylon and malty Assam teas.”

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19 November 2022 at 10:41 am

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Late start but a great shave

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D.R. Harris shaving soap is first-rate, and that WSP Prince silvertip is not too shabby, either. It’s a firm brush that brought forth upon this continent a great lather. The razor, the SR-71 slant by The Holy Black, is a straightforward Merkur 37 clone with a hefty handle. Three passes cleared the stubble and a splash of Arlington aftershave finished the job. Arlington has a fresh fragrance with a little citrus.

The tea this morning is Murchie’s CBC Radio Blend: “A blend of choice Ceylon and China black teas, Jasmine and other green teas with a touch of citrus.”

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18 November 2022 at 11:45 am

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The mild-feeling Maggard V3A razor, with a remarkably good sandalwood soap (and aftershave)

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Shaving set-up, left to right: brush with translucent amber handle and short synthetic knot, razor with barberpole handle on its side atop a tub of soap labeled AOS Sandalwood, and a sandalwood EDT.

I do like the amber-handled Yaqi shaving brush shown, but I do wish the loft were a little greater. Just 5mm would make a big difference.

Art of Shaving Sandalwood is an exceptionally good shaving soap. Sandalwood, though, is a fragrance that a few men find doesn’t work well with their skin. Luckily, I’m not one of them, and the fragrance of this soap, like its lather, is a wonderful treat.

Maggard Razors calls their V3A head “aggressive,” by which they must mean “efficient,” because it is an extremely comfortable razor whose feel is not in the least aggressive. But three passes later my face is perfectly smooth, with no problems along the way.

I applied several sprays of Saint Charles Shave’s Sandalwood EDT over a smidgen of Proraso white balm in my hand, rubbed my hands together, and applied that mix to my face — a very nice finish. Saint Charles Shave is no more, but I still have some of their products, and this EDT is exceptionally nice.

The tea this morning is my own blend — equal amounts of three varietals from Murchie’s: Ceylon Kenilworth, Assam Tippy Golden, and Keemun Extra Superior

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17 November 2022 at 9:29 am

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Clever Coffee dripper

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A Clever Coffee dripper with coffee brewing inside and lid on top

I mentioned the Clever Coffee dripper in my post yesterday on the many health benefits of coffee — though it’s important to note that those benefits are negated if dairy milk or cream is added to the coffee. If you want that sort of coffee and also its health benefits, then use oat milk or oat creamer instead of dairy. 

I used a link in that post, but I later found a better link that offers more explanation. (I’ve updated the original post.)

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17 November 2022 at 8:04 am

The highly esteemed vintage Merkur white bakelite slant, with Grog

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Shaving brush whose white handle's profile is that of a keyhole and having a knot with a cream-colored body and gray tips. A tub of Grog Shave soap with blue label. A white bakelite slant razor. A bottle of Grog aftershave with blue label.

RazoRock’s Keyhole brush is a very pleasant shaving companion. It easily brought forth a fine lather from Tallow + Steel’s take on bay-rum shaving soap, Grog, with a fragrance composed of “West Indies Bay + Key Lime + Labdanum + White Fir + Rosemary + Ylang Ylang.”

Merkur’s white bakelite slant is a treasure, especially since they don’t seem inclined to make any more of them, despite is exceptional comfort and superb performance. Three passes left my face completely smooth — the classic BBS result.

A splash of Grog aftershave, and the day begins.

The tea this morning is Murchie’s London Afternoon: “Fragrant rose petals are interwoven with smoky Lapsang Souchong, sweetened with creamy vanilla and a touch of bright bergamot.”

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16 November 2022 at 8:56 am

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The 10 main properties and benefits of coffee

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I plan to resume drinking coffee, but to avoid physical addiction I will drink it only twice a week (Monday and Thursday) or at most three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday). I will drink it black because adding milk removes the health benefits and adding sugar — well, not me. (If you must use milk/cream in your coffee, take that as a sign you are not drinking good-quality coffee that’s well brewed. But if that’s what you must drink, then use oat milk rather than a dairy product.)

I plan to make a pint each time — the right amount for my Joveo Temperfect mug — and I’ll use the Clever Coffee dripper.

The reasons I am resuming coffee are set forth in this newsletter. It begins:

  1. Health benefits of coffee
    1. 1. Coffee helps to reduce fat
    2. 2. Coffee reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes
    3. 3. Enhance cognitive skills
    4. 4. Increases physical performance
    5. 5. It has an antioxidant function
    6. 6. Decreases the risk of degenerative diseases
    7. 7. Reduced risk of cancer
    8. 8. Reduces the onset of vascular diseases
    9. 9. It is a source of multiple nutrients
    10. 10. Improvement of mood
  2. Bottom line
  3. ❤️ Enjoy this Newsletter?

Nowadays, everyone suffers from an addiction to something, be it drugs, alcohol, sex, sugar, new technologies, gambling, etc… The Addict Breaker is here to help you, with useful advice based on neuroscience and psychology, to overcome your addictions and adopt healthy habits. Subscribe for free

☕️ Good Morning Friends, Today we’ll talk about the main benefits and properties of coffee.

Coffee is a beverage obtained from the ground and roasted beans of the plant of the same name, whose properties go far beyond the stimulation provided by caffeine. Today, we will have an overview of its main benefits on physical and mental health.

Coffee is one of the most consumed drinks in the world. Its stimulating effects are well known, but not so much the benefits it can have on mental and physical health.

It has been observed that a regular and controlled consumption of coffee, between 2 and 4 cups a day, can have the following benefits:

  • favors the functioning of some of the cognitive skills,
  • given the increase in vigilance and alertness,
  • it helps burn fat and maintain a correct body weight,
  • it reduces the risk of diseases such as some types of cancer, strokes or liver conditions.

Despite the benefits found, we must monitor and control consumption, since excessive drinking of coffee can be harmful. Symptoms of addictive substances such as poisoning or withdrawal syndrome have been observed.

For this reason, it should not replace good lifestyle habits, such as a healthy diet or rest for the hours necessary for the body to recover. . .

Continue reading.

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15 November 2022 at 8:17 pm

Dark seem appropriate for a wintertime shave

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Shave setup, left to right: Amber Aerolite shaving brush, Shaving soap with double-edge razor just in front, and aftershave, sunlit from the side.
Surface of a puck of shaving soap embossed with crossed bars to form quadrants. At upper left a T, at lower right an S (for Tallow + Steel).. And at upper right a shaving brush and lower left a partially open straight razor.

Tallow + Steel, a Winnipeg company, makes exceptional shaving soaps and aftershaves, and early on they would emboss the surface of a tub of shaving soap with their logo, as shown in the photo at right. They no longer follow this practice, alas, but the soap remains first-rate.

The fragrance of Dark is alluring — “coffee, cocoa, ginger, and vetiver, combined with the sweetness of peppermint and benzoin.” However, they no longer make this fragrance — their fragrances seem seldom repeated, but what they offer is always good.

An excellent lather, thanks in part to my Phoenix Artisan Amber Aerolite shaving brush. The RazoRock stainless-steel BBS whisked away my stubble in a trice, and a good splash of the witch-hazel-based aftershave finished the job.

The coffee this morning is Murchie’s Queen Victoria Blend: “rich Darjeeling and Ceylon, smoky Lapsang Souchong, and sweet Jasmine.”

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15 November 2022 at 12:17 pm

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The Strange Case of the Unslanted Slant

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Phoenix Artisan’s Cavendish is always a pleasure, and pleasure is redoubled when it’s the CK-6 formula, as it is here. The Kent Infinity is a very nice little brush that I like more now than I did at first. 

The razor today is new. It’s the Focus Tritok Slant R53. It’s a surprising razor, the first surprise being that it is not, in fact, a slant. “Slant” turns to to be the name they gave the razor, not a description of what it is. The listing at the link ends with this note:

Tritok Razors are offered in 3 versions: Slant (AGGRESSIVE), Concave (MEDIUM), and Flat (MILD) – The Concave and Flat versions are also available as separate products.

So they might have named the razor “Adjustable” just as well and said that the name “Adjustable” does not mean that it is an adjustable razor. (Seems like sharp practice to me, and certainly not helping the customer.)

The razor does feel good in the hand, and it has an interesting head design: very thin and flat. The baseplate is so flat that it would be hard to know which side is up except that the maker has thoughtfully printed the outline of a DE blade on the side of the baseplate that touches the blade. 

So how is the shave? Well, it turns out that “AGGRESSIVE” apparently is also just a name and does not mean that the razor is aggressive, because it is not, neither in feel (it is quite comfortable, in fact) nor in performance. In fact, the razor’s efficiency is so low that mid-way through the shave I changed to a different brand of blade. I started with a Derby Extra, but I wasn’t getting good performance — in places the razor just slid over the stubble without cutting anything. (It turns out that the razor is extremely sensitive to angle, and if the handle is at all close to the face, the razor slides without cutting.)

I switched to a Gillette 7 O’Clock SharpEdge, hoping that would improve the razor’s efficiency. It did not noticeably improve performance.

A slant razor is something I like a lot, so it’s disappointing that this Slant is not a slant. It’s doubly disappointing that it is not even very good as a razor.

But it’s not a total loss. The handle seems quite good, and I’m sure I’ll be using that, though with a different head. 

A splash of PAA Cavendish with the very last of my Hydrating Gel ends the shave and begins the weekend.

The tea this morning is Murchie’s No. 22 Blend: “a superb blend of green Gunpowder and Jasmine, as well as Keemun and Ceylon black teas. All the flavour of our world famous No. 10 Blend, with a touch of bergamot to brighten the flavour, and Ceylon to strengthen the brew.”

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12 November 2022 at 9:51 am

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