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Dr. Jon’s Propaganda, the HJM, and Wolfman Razors WR1-SB

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SOTD 1 Aug

A very fine shave today. I did remember to use the Chiseled Face pre-shave gel in the shower and will continue it for the coming week.

Dr. Jon’s Propaganda (vanilla, sandalwood, musk, patchouli, and mandarin) is very nice—and I notice that many of the shaving soaps that I say have an excellent fragrance include vanilla as a note. The same with aftershaves: Paul Sebastian, for example, is quite nice (for me) and includes tonka, which has a vanilla fragrance. In fact, look at the base notes for Paul Sebastian (from

Top Notes: Sage, Lavender
Heart Notes: Armoise
Base notes: Sandalwood, Patchouli, Myrhh, Musk, Vanilla

Looks as though Paul Sebastian would be a good aftershave to use with Propaganda (which is currently not on their site but is available through

At any rate, the HJM brush worked up a really superb lather from the soap, and the Wolfman razor easily accomplished a BBS result in three passes, once more with no nick or other problems.

A good splash of Chiseled Face Easy Street, and the weekend begins.

Written by LeisureGuy

1 August 2015 at 10:58 am

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Chiseled Face shave—and a note on how to learn to enjoy shaving

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SOTD 31 July 2015

A very fine shave indeed today. I had ordered the Chiseled Face synthetic brush, standing next to the giant Stirling synthetic, and I received with it the pre-shave gel shown and the Trade Winds aftershave sample. So today is Chiseled Face all the way.

Habits can trap us. I had planned to apply the pre-shave gel to my beard in the shower and let it sit while I showered, but I did my usual shower and remembered it only as I washed my face at the sink. I did apply it, but of course did not give it really a fair chance. I’ve now put the bottle in the shower, and I’ll be using it daily for a week in lieu of MR GLO, then back to MR GLO a week, and then another week of the gel. Then I’ll report back. It has a pleasant fragrance and strikes me as more likely to work than a shave oil.

The Chiseled Face brush is extremely nice. It’s a much better size for me than the Stirling, and the handle is quite nice: a different look and a really comfortable grip. And of course the angel-hair synthetic knot makes lather like nobody’s business. Sherlock is a tip-top soap and I immediately got a very rich and fragrant lather, with “a warm tobacco based scent blended with toasted caramel, black pepper, moist dirt, and finished with a touch of leather, moss, mandarin, honey and rose.” Extremely nice tallow-based soap.

Three passes with the RazoRock Baby Smooth razor which, though not a slant, regularly delivers an effortless BBS shave, and today was no different: no nicks, no burn, no worry—and totally smooth outcome. It also has a very nice feel in the handle, somehow feeling exceptionally rigid.

A good amount of Trade Winds aftershave—-another great fragrance: “ocean, ozone, cucumber and a touch of mint backed up by a base of old spice.”

Altogether a great shave. Chiseled Face Groomatorium in my experience offers first-rate products.

Now about the enjoyment I experienced. Although I do know some do not derive any enjoyment from shaving—I certainly did not, when I was shaving with canned foam and cartridge razors, which was totally a chore—I have the strong impression that most who shave with a DE and true lather do in fact enjoy their shaves, but yesterday I fell into an interesting discussion with a man who does not derive any enjoyment from traditional shaving and moreover thinks that those who do are “silly” (his word), and indeed thinks that I am a very silly person. He did explain that this is not a value judgment, by which I presume he means he would be happy to also be silly but simply has not learned how to enjoy a shave.

(There was a brief confusion in which he mistakenly thought I was saying that one could force enjoyment, which is indeed a silly notion (in the common sense of “silly,” not the special sense in which he uses it), but with that misconception corrected the discussion continued and I wrote a brief note about how to learn to enjoy a shave and thus achieve silliness (in his sense of the word). I thought it might be of interest. And I think it’s interesting that some are anhedonic with respect to music and to food, so being anhedonic to shaving is not so surprising.

Written by LeisureGuy

31 July 2015 at 10:20 am

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Greek Peach and Easy Street

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SOTD 30 July 2015

Very fine shave today. The Omega boar brush show worked up a fine lather easily from Tim’s Greek Peach shaving: fragrant, thick, and luxurious.

Three passes with the iKon DLC slant shown (the handle is the SE handle), consciously using light pressure, was quite comfortable and left a BBS result.

A good splash of Chiseled Face’s Easy Street aftershave, and I’m reading for the day. I must say I like both the ingredients and the fragrance of Easy Street, which he describes as follows:

A bracing aftershave splash with just a touch of menthol that is perfect for all occasions.

Great for both men and women who want a great everyday casual scent containing notes of green tea, citrus, bergamot, rose, nutmeg, and ginger with hints of musk and woods to round it out.

Ingredients: Alcohol, Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera Juice, Calendula, Sodium Lactate, Menthol, Vitamin B5 Pro, Astaxanthin

I’m sure fragrance is another ingedient. Great stuff.

Written by LeisureGuy

30 July 2015 at 11:26 am

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The other Eufros soap is also excellent—and a vintage Merkur slant

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SOTD 29 July 2015

Another great shave. This Eufros—Violet—is as good as yesterday’s: very easy lather, very thick, smooth, and fragrant lather. This morning I used my Wet Shaving Products Monarch to make the lather, and then the vintage Merkur slant shown to shave. So far as I can tell, the head is the same on today’s Merkur slants, the only difference being the smaller handle. Three passes, BBS result, no nicks or irritation.

A splash of Flying Bird Bay Rum, and the day begins.

I continue to actively enjoy my morning shave: I look forward to it, I enjoy each step of the process, and I like the result, both the smoothness of my face and the fragrance of the aftershave when I catch an occasional whiff of it during the day. Repetition has no diminished the please it affords.

Written by LeisureGuy

29 July 2015 at 7:42 am

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Fine shave with flat-bottom Tech and Jabonman shaving soap—and the Stirling synthetic shaving brush

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SOTD 28 July 2015

A highly enjoyable BBS shave today. Stirling Soap Company has come out with their own version of an “angel hair” synthetic brush and, perhaps in deference to its origin in Texas, it’s an enormous brush. The handle seems made to fit Andre the Giant, and the knot also is large. The brush next to it in the photo is not a miniature, but the regular-sized Plisson synthetic, which uses the same fibers. I had no problem in actually using the Stirling brush, but I find a prefer a smaller size. This seems better suited for lathering legs than faces. Still, preferences vary from person to person, and I’m sure that some with prefer the enormous size.

I note that when I first resumed wet-shaving I was attracted to large brushes, and in fact got quite a large Rooney (Style 3, Size 3). It seemed wonderful and then, as I became more experienced, not so wonderful. I now definitely prefer Size 1.

The soap is Eufros, from the Spanish soapmaker JabonMan. In this post, I describe how to order from him:

To order, you email Manuel Garcia (JabonMan himself) at He doesn’t know English, so as a courtesy I suggest using Google Translate: compose your request in the left box in English, so that Google will put it into Spanish, then copy and paste the Spanish text into the email. I also used Google Translate to translate his replies from Spanish into English.

As mentioned in that post, he contacted me that he had a problem with the quality of oil he received in one batch, and he offered to replace the soaps at no cost to me. I took him up on his offer, and I’m very glad that I did: this new batch provides instant thick, creamy, abundant, and protective lather. I used Tierra Húmeda today—an extremely nice vetiver—and enjoyed how quickly the lather arose. And, as mentioned in the earlier post, I love the interlocking stackability of the containers.

On the advice of NeedsMoreMenthol, I got a Gillette flat-bottom Tech, and it did indeed shave very well, though of course the common Tech is no slouch. After one shave, I’m unable to tell any great difference, but perhaps over the course of several shaves some differences will become apparent. The blade was a Rapira Platinum.

Here’s a close-up of the bottom of a regular Tech (on the left) and the flat-bottom Tech:

Two Techs, bottom view

The handle of the Tech was in great shape and even had some heft, as though the hollow interior was not so hollow as some. But it was so short of such small diameter than I switched to a UFO handle after the first pass. Here’s a look at the handles. (The handle on the left Tech is a Wolfman Razors handle.)

Two Techs, three handles

In my experience, going to a heavier handle improves razor feel and perhaps even performance.

All in all, a fine shave. I finished with a splash of New York aftershave from Parfums de Nicolaï.

Written by LeisureGuy

28 July 2015 at 9:27 am

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Very fine shave with Honeybee Soaps Coffee Mocha and the Stealth—and an interview

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SOTD 27 July 2015

Shannon’s Soaps interviewed me, and you can read the interview here.

Very nice shave today. I haven’t used Honeybee Soaps Coffee Mocha for a while, so it was good to renew my acquaintance. The H.L. Thäter brush is quite nice, but for whatever reason I had to reload a bit for the third pass—operator error, brush problem, or soap problem: it’s not clear. I’ll try a few things to see whether I can figure it out.

Still, I got an excellent shave with the Stealth slant: 3 passes to a BBS result.

A good splash of Stetson, and I’m ready for the day.

Written by LeisureGuy

27 July 2015 at 8:46 am

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Another great shave with a slant: Stainless Stealth and i Coloniali

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SOTD 25 July 2015

A great shave in all respects: enjoyable and totally trouble-free BBS.

The Wet Shaving Products Baroness brush made a fine lather from a little i Coloniali shaving cream smeared onto my beard. I really like the fragrance, lather, and performance of this shaving cream. I don’t see it mentioned much, but it is definitely worth a try.

Three easy passes with the stainless Stealth: extremely comfortable and totally BBS at the end. This is an excellent razor.

A good splash of Stetson aftershave, and the weekend is here.

Written by LeisureGuy

25 July 2015 at 8:00 am

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