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Diet advice from experience

My current diet summarizes all that I’ve learned over the past couple of decades and it satisfies the basic criteria of a successful diet. The summary at the first link includes:

  • What constitutes a healthful diet, and in particular a diet that would have prevented my type 2 diabetes and (now that I have it) has enabled me to control it without medication. This includes shedding all excess weight, since intramuscular fat increases insulin resistance. The diet I finally worked out made it quite easy to shed excess weight because it is quite filling.
  • How to prepare healthful meals efficiently — tools, techniques, tips, tactics, strategies, recipes, and attitude. The last half of that post is devoted to things I found that help in meal preparation and result in good meals. I include some recipes, but the goal is to provide the guidelines that enable you to improvise good recipes.

I have learned from a combination of reading and experience. In that post I include brief videos that proved useful and also links to further explanation (for example, to specific recipes) and to supporting information.

Before I switched to the diet described in the post, I was (for five years) following a keto/low-carb diet. What led me to reconsider that choice was a comment from a physician to a post I made on Quora. That led me to do further research, and on doing that I learned that a low-car/keto diet carries serious health risks — plus it is not effective for weigh loss (though does help with epilepsy).

Anyone interested in losing weight and/or avoiding (or controlling) type 2 diabetes will find it useful.

Update: More lessons from experience: how I plan my budget and control my finances.

Written by Leisureguy

18 October 2019 at 3:33 am