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I get no remuneration of any sort—money, discounts, products, services, meals, or gift—from any of the vendors or manufacturers mentioned in my blog or books except as specifically noted. Unless otherwise noted, the services, products, and merchants are mentioned purely because they impressed me and I wanted to share the knowledge. Nor do I get any remuneration from the blog itself, other than the satisfaction of bringing joy into the lives of my several readers. In other words: no affiliate links, other than the one case of linking to my own book, for which I do get a royalty. But when I praise (say) some brands of cast-iron or carbon-steel skillets, I get nothing other than the pleasure of sharing the knowledge I derived from my experience.  —  LeisureGuy (his mark)

The above was modified to take care of cases in which a vendor wants to submit a product for review. In such cases, I will explicitly note that the product was given to me for review. This has turned out to be extremely rare, and in some cases the vendor wants a private review to help in his own evaluation of the product. In that case, I will use and comment on the product but not identify it (as in testing a brand of blade: I will comment on the blade’s performance but not mention the brand name).

Written by Leisureguy

16 December 2007 at 4:10 pm

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  1. Hello Michael. I forgot your e-mail address so I had to use this method to communicate with you.
    I am a big fan of music and harmonies in particualar. Doo-wop, Choral, Barbershop, and so on.
    I do not know if you like that stuff but out in your area, Santa Rosa?, there is a group of young women, a quartet called the LoveNotes.
    Very, very talented. I will try and paste a link. If it is not to far from you they perform in the Bay area, I think.
    Since I live in New Jersey, everything in northern California seems like it is near you.
    You might remeber me as we had discussed favorite Westerns (Films) at one time.
    You also sent me your shaving book autographed.
    I still really appreciate that. It has been a few years now since I went back to traditional, double edge shaving with a brush. Thank you.
    I am Luxlover on the shave forums.
    Please check these young ladies out.

    Steven Leonard (

    Steven Leonard



    12 July 2010 at 11:02 am

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