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Most recent update to this page: 11 September 2021. Most recent update(s) are in boldface.

I also have a number of posts published on Medium. These include various life lessons I’ve learned that my be of interest. See

My current diet – I’m highlighting this (lengthy) post because it is a summation of all that I’ve learned from a combination of reading and experience about a healthful diet. It includes brief videos and many links to useful information.

I think anyone interested in losing weight and/or avoiding (or dealing with) type 2 diabetes will find the post useful. The post also contains lessons I learned and practices I developed for efficient meal preparation — tools, techniques, tips, tactics, strategies, recipes, and attitude.


Shaves of the Day — the daily shave, with photo
Gourmet shaving
— some of the book, but not all (by a long shot)
Gourmet shaving short course — an answer on Quora that gives a brief (2000-word) tutorial on shaving
My favorite safety razors — the most comfortable and efficient razors I’ve found
In defense of the slant — why and that the slant works well (see also this post)
Comprehensive guide to boar brushes — excellent reference
Why the Omega Pro 48 is so good — and a brief note on breaking it in
Shaving brush roundup — a Sharpologist article on shaving brushes in general
Shaving brush drying test – knot up or knot down? answered in a series of photos
Mantic’s shaving videos — step by step shaving instructions
Blade samplers — blade sampler packets and how to use them
An MD speaks on shaving — interesting comment
Make your own aftershave balm — a recipe from a reader

Books and Reading

Standard eBooksfree (and carefully edited) ebooks worth reading (and see next entry on Calibre)
Essential (and free) program for ebooksCalibre is dynamite; the post at the link explains why
Books I find myself repeatedly recommending — just what it says
Librarian Chick — amazing list of resources in many categories
Mental health resources — for when a therapist is not in the picture
Web 2.0 apps — hundreds of Web 2.0 apps categorized and reviewed
Free eBooks — an extensive list of sources — more free digital books
Terrific books on cat behavior — Roger Tabor really knows cats; each book is great
Reading Don Quixote and crying — a passage from the book, with a comment
The Authoritarians — interesting and informative free book in PDF format
Honor culture and violence culture and Uncle Remus — the bi-cultural South

Language learning with Esperanto

Free language courses on the Web — learn a language
Basic word list for learning any language — learn these 250 words first; see also this post
20 free language courses — list of more language courses
Polyglot: How I Learn Languages — how an adult learned 16 languages (and become completely fluent in 5)
Cut time to learn a language — and see also this post
Why Esperanto works so well — five major factors, some accidental, made Esperanto highly effective
Easy intro to Esperanto — two Sesame-Streetish films for beginners. See how much you learn. (Note: Esperanto doesn’t have exceptions.)
How to install and use Anki — an excellent free flashcard program
Learn Esperanto — the language that’s the best first step to learning any language
Duolingo Esperanto discoveries — a series of posts about things I’ve learned that make Duolingo’s free course easier
Guide to’s free Esperanto course— things I wish I had known when I started
Resources for Esperanto study—  a collection of links to good resources
Esperanto grammar outlined — a terse and useful summary
Esperanto briefly described — a post in this blog (with interesting comments)
Transition on Day 9 of consistent Esperanto study — things start to happen
My current Esperanto study regimen — the approach I worked out after a couple of months of trying different things
A Tale of Two Tongues: English and Esperanto” — Stephanie Tam profiles the differences in purpose

Life Hacks

Finding flow — “flow” is perceived happiness: how to find it
Adding flow to necessary tasks — a rumination on how to make tasks enjoyable
Criteria for a successful diet —  how to select/create a satisfactory diet
Self-taught practitioners — the problems encountered by the self-taught
How to be happier — good tips on increasing happiness
Tools for better thinking — good tools for analysis, deciding solving problems; see also choosing the tool
Choices and FOMO — choosing a path is difficult because we want all paths
Man’s Search for Meaning — Viktor Frankl’s classic book on the choices you can make
Observe behavior — pay close attention to your behavior, not just your thoughts
Groupthink of one — why it’s difficult to observe your own behavior
Tips to sleep well — how to get a good night’s sleep
Increase your self-control — how to boost self-control, and why it flags
Fixing hearing loss — a vital life hack (read the post for why). This one’s important.
Computer posture+exercise — easy way to avoid pains and problems
More computer-posture exercises — good ones
Advice for Pilates beginner — from a beginner: what I wish I had known
How to sew on a buttona small thing, but I didn’t know how to do it right


How to be a genius — not magical, just methodical
The peril of pursuing perfectionif you want to produce quality, go for quantity: experience teaches
Why the growth mindset works — search the blog on “mindset” to find more posts on Dweck and mindset
Implicitly teaching growth mindset — long before I knew about it as a thing, but in fact teaching it
Making the most of teaching math by the lecture method — a paper I wrote some years back
Critical thinking — online instruction in critical thinking skills
Tools for better thinkinggood collection of solid tools; see also how to choose the right tools
Books on critical thinking — Nigel Warburton discusses five books on critical thinking
Science v. Pursuit of Ignorance — deliberately choosing ignorance seems to be post-science
Advice for students — excellent suggestions and ideas at
Critical thinking & creativity courses — excellent instructional materials
Edward De Bono site — more critical thinking instructional tools
Driver-training game using Russian dash-cam videos — that says it all
How to praise kids — incorrect praise demotivates; correct praise motivates
Disciplining children — thinking about the goals helps shape the discipline
Resources for students — links to software, sites, advice, etc.
Learning from life experience — education from life vs. from school
Story of a change in learning strategy — from a math tutorial I taught
Intelligent YouTube Videos — lots of free education
The Cornell note-taking system — excellent way to take lecture notes
Notalon — a program for Cornell note-taking (Mac, Windows, Linŭ)
For the autodidact — resources for the self-directed learner
Free electronic flashcards — many sets already created, or create your own
Memoriser — a program to help you memorize things

Safety and Situational Awareness

Self-protection — provides many tips
Gaslighting checklist — serious warning signs in a relationship
How to describe a person — what the police want in a description
How to record the cops — A guide to the technology for keeping government accountable
International Spelling Alphabet — how to spell out words clearly


God in process theology — process theology has a compelling approach
God’s choice in families — general ruminations on the Divine
God as meme — the particular reality of God(s)

Money Issues

Budget planning & tracking — this is an updated (and, I think, improved) version of the next item
Managing Money — a method and a spreadsheet to construct a budget for your own situation
Set up credit card alerts — a good reminder that also serves as an immediate fraud alert
Basic rules of personal finance — things you need to know for the Excel workbook to work
Grocery-expense tracking spreadsheet — easy to compare how you’re doing with your goals
Kakeibo method — a way to plan your savings and expenses and free tools to do it well
Free budgeting tools — links to many budgeting tools
Make your own laundry detergent — fun and saves money
The origins of consumerism — consumerism was not an accident; it was planned.
Dangerous side-effects of wealth — some is good, too much is destructive
The things of greatest value — what they can’t take away from you
Why progressive taxation is fair — it evens out the value of the taxed amount
Make a microloan — microlending helps

Life & Work Management

Seven good habitsan approach to effectiveness (recently updated) — a web app for implementing the 7 habits of previous link
Outliners — a great tool for break goals into tasks, tasks, into subtasks
Practicing patience —- patience is a great strength when used effectively
Prepare for your layoff — you will be laid off at some point—be ready
Job-loss as culture shock — and the role of memes
Dangerous memes — what they are, how they work, and their danger to us
The Management Myth — overblown and overvalued: the MBA
Why unions — why did unions form and why are they important?
What unions did in Las Vegas — heartwarming
Hiring a STAR — interviewing to determine whether you have a potential star
Mindmapping software — some people find mindmaps helpful
Doing your best — what it means to do your best—and what it’s like
12 pointers to advance — essential steps to successful advancement
The yessable proposition — what it is and why it’s important
Doing presentations — guidance for standout presentations
Early hindsight — a useful technique adaptable to many creative situations
Nominal Group Technique — often more effective than brainstorming
Making sound decisions — how to avoid the common traps in decision-making


Selecting a cat — what to consider when you adopt a cat or kitten
Terrific books on cat behavior — Roger Tabor really knows cats; each book is great

Cooking and Cooking Tools

Knife sharpening — reference information and links to best sharpeners; see also this post
Essential Kitchen Knife Skillls — a very informative brief 4-session free course (I learned a lot)
How to chop every vegetable —  useful video with only a few errors (which I point out)
Best cast-iron skillet — based on my experience with several brands
Carbon-steel skillets — they’re excellent
Staub round cocotte sizes — I love my round cocottes—I have a 20cm in red and 24cm in yellow. Note that the “quarts” in the post are Imperial quarts. 1 Imperial quart = 1.2 US quarts
Omega-3: Superfood — why you should be taking 4 grams of fish oil daily
Info on cooking oils — all the common cooking oils, giving smoke point and omega 6 to omega 3 ratios
Top antioxidants — best foods for antioxidants
Benefits of flaxseed — flaxseed oil capsules are a handy way to get the benefits. See also this post.
Olive oil dispensers — why and which
Why fiber is good for you — we are starting to understand why dietary fiber is good
Weight-loss impatience — source of the impatience people feel regarding weight-loss
Criteria for a good diet — a brief list of criteria to choose a diet you can stick with
Eating by color — system for eating a “good variety” of fruit and veggies
When to buy organic — when it pays to buy organic and when it doesn’t
Produce storage advice — some produce will spoil if stored together
Dietary supplements database — useful info on supplements


Dietary advice with reasons — Includes lots of recommendations for the novice cook
Greger’s Daily Dozen, annotatedwhat experience taught me about planning whole-food plant-based meals
Sample salad checklist — I kept forgetting some ingredients, so a checklist
Pink Power Slushie —  Greger’s cranberry slushie amped up with lemon pulp and hibiscus tea
The Game Changers” — best diet for competitive athletes: scroll down to “Recipes”
Patent for “Glorious One-Pot Meals” — where it all started
“Glorious One-Pot Meals” Guide – Complete guide for improvisation
“Glorious One-Pot Meals” recipes — lots of ideas as you create your own
Lamb Shanks Beatrice — a long-time favorite
Best Beef Stroganoff — by George and Helen Papashvily
Plant-based country-style collards — simmering long and slow
How to cook dried beans — things I had not known but work extremely well
Hummus — solid basic recipe, with variants
Grub template — A sound template for daily meals (not company fare).
Mixed greens — A recipe template for mixed greens, which I eat twice a day
Mixed vegetables — A recipe template for mixed vegetables — see also this post
Basic vegetble stew — This is what has gradually evolved: greens + veg combo
How to cook pasta — A 2-minute video that taught me a lot—& pasta’s glycemic index is low if cooked al dente
All the Breads I’ve Loved BeforeThe Younger Daughter’s recipe blog
Sous vide cooking — Things I learned in starting sous vide cooking.
Spatchcock a chicken — Spatchcock chicken to grill or roast
Spatchcock a turkey — Spatchcock turkey for even roasting and easy carving
Making your own tempeh — easy and you can vary the recipe (different beans, grains)
Foolproof tempehthe method I worked out by trial and error — and it works
Basic steps for homemade tempeha summary of lessons learned and reasons why
Tempeh incubator box if your oven doesn’t do the job, this DIY incubator will be worth making
Tempeh breakfast sausage — how (and why) to make it (and it’s easy)
Tempeh bacon — a delicious savory treat
Chickpea-peanut tempeh — and a link to a curry recipe using it
Quick & easy steak — (UPDATED: now includes slow & easy) — best way to cook a steak at home
How to make a Martini — avoid the myths and misleading information
Pu-erh pressed tea cake — how they’re made, how they’re aged, how to use
Texas caviar — my own variation
Pepper sauce — my own variation
Pressed picnic sandwiches — highly portable sandwiches for picnic or plane
Black-bean chili with chicken breast — 3 WW points/serving, delicious, and easy
Ratatouile with chicken breast — 3 WW points/serving; describes how to poach chicken breast
Turkey thighs with bacon, tomatoes, and porcini mushrooms —  totally wonderful
My former typical breakfast — 4 WW points and good in many ways
WFPB breakfast smoothie — an easy breakfast, with ideas for variations
Liver cooked right — an explanation for why cast-iron is so good and how to cook liver.
MSG without fear — no reason not to use MSG to add umami to dishes
Homemade sports drinks — three recipes for sports drinks
Harvy-Scarvy recipe — excellent with cold pork; recipe due to M.F.K. Fisher.
Low-carb breakfast on the run — and some ruminations on a LCHF diet
Bran-muffin breakfastan excellent bran muffin recipe
The Recipes — all the recipes in this blog: search results on category “Recipes”

Diabetes and Fitness

The Other Diabetes: Living and Eating Well With Type 2 Diabetes — excellent book for new type 2 diabetics
Nordic walking — some links about how to make a good exercise enjoyable: definitions, equipment, practice.
Strong Women Stay Young (Revised Edition) — excellent guide to fitness with minimal time investment

Marijuana Legalization

Medical marijuana tools — information on resources
Key rulings on medical marijuana — links to actual court decisions
Results of drug decriminalization in Portugal (PDF) — on July 1, 2001, all drugs were decriminalized in Portugal — and they like the result. Read the report for the reasons why.

Health, Politics, & Big Business

Lead pollution — how Big Business tries to kill you and damage your children
The Achilles heel of Libertarianism — only things that turn a profit get done

Climate Change

Global warming analogy — to help persuade the “do nothing” crowd
Answers to climate skeptics — a response for each common argument

Life on Earth

Origin of life on Earth — the likely origin of life
Origin of animal life on Earth — why animals were late to the party
Evolution of community — example of memes starting to shape human evolution (cf. tools)


R. Graves on writing well — how to write well, with a collection of exercises
Writing with verbs — vigorous writing makes reading easy
50 writing tips — a collection of tips, some of which might help you
4-sentence outline — how to write solid papers
WorkFlowy — a superb free outliner; allows easy collaboration; easy export
Collaborative writing tip — useful info for when you must collaborate
Italic handwriting — how to have beautiful handwriting
Moral Mirror journal — a journal to observe your moral/ethical self
College journal — keeping a journal of your college years: outline and ideas
Baby journal — keeping a journal of your baby’s early years
One-sentence journal — the one-sentence journal idea
While-boarding journal — journals for the frequent traveler


Drawing the human figure — how to draw
Grow luffa sponges — if you garden, a fun project
Fitaly keyboard — a keyboard designed for stylus input (it’s wonderful)
Rumford Fireplace — the perfect traditional fireplace
Learn to play Go — interactive instruction and exercises
Test for synesthesia — it’s not so rare as once was thought
Some thoughts on art — art’s prerequisites

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