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Most recent update to this page: 8 November 2021. Most recent update(s) are in boldface.

I also have a number of posts published on Medium. These include various life lessons I’ve learned that my be of interest. See

My current diet – I’m highlighting this (lengthy) post because it is a summation of all that I’ve learned from a combination of reading and experience about a healthful diet. It includes brief videos and many links to useful information.

I think anyone interested in losing weight and/or avoiding (or dealing with) type 2 diabetes will find the post useful. The post also contains lessons I learned and practices I developed for efficient meal preparation — tools, techniques, tips, tactics, strategies, recipes, and attitude.


Shaves of the Day — the daily shave, with photo
Gourmet shaving
— some of the book, but not all (by a long shot)
Gourmet shaving short course — an answer on Quora that gives a brief (2000-word) tutorial on shaving
My favorite safety razors — the most comfortable and efficient razors I’ve found
In defense of the slant — why and that the slant works well (see also this post)
Comprehensive guide to boar brushes — excellent reference
Why the Omega Pro 48 is so good — and a brief note on breaking it in
Shaving brush roundup — a Sharpologist article on shaving brushes in general
Shaving brush drying test – knot up or knot down? answered in a series of photos
Mantic’s shaving videos — step by step shaving instructions
Blade samplers — blade sampler packets and how to use them
An MD speaks on shaving — interesting comment
Make your own aftershave balm — a recipe from a reader

Books and Reading

Standard eBooks — free (and carefully edited) ebooks worth reading (and see next entry on Calibre)
Essential (and free) program for ebooks — Calibre is dynamite; the post at the link explains why
Books I find myself repeatedly recommending — just what it says
Librarian Chick — amazing list of resources in many categories
Mental health resources — for when a therapist is not in the picture
Free eBooks — an extensive list of sources — more free digital books
Terrific books on cat behavior — Roger Tabor really knows cats; each book is great
Reading Don Quixote and crying — a passage from the book, with a comment
The Authoritarians — interesting and informative free book in PDF format
Honor culture and violence culture and Uncle Remus — the bi-cultural South

Language learning with Esperanto

Free language courses on the Web — learn a language
Basic word list for learning any language — learn these 250 words first; see also this post
20 free language courses — list of more language courses
Polyglot: How I Learn Languages — how an adult learned 16 languages (and become completely fluent in 5)
Cut time to learn a language — and see also this post
Why Esperanto works so well — five major factors, some accidental, made Esperanto highly effective
Easy intro to Esperanto — two Sesame-Streetish films for beginners. See how much you learn. (Note: Esperanto doesn’t have exceptions.)
How to install and use Anki — an excellent free flashcard program
Learn Esperanto — the language that’s the best first step to learning any language
Duolingo Esperanto discoveries — a series of posts about things I’ve learned that make Duolingo’s free course easier
Guide to’s free Esperanto course— things I wish I had known when I started
Resources for Esperanto study—  a collection of links to good resources
Esperanto grammar outlined — a terse and useful summary
Esperanto briefly described — a post in this blog (with interesting comments)
Transition on Day 9 of consistent Esperanto study — things start to happen
My current Esperanto study regimen — the approach I worked out after a couple of months of trying different things
A Tale of Two Tongues: English and Esperanto” — Stephanie Tam profiles the differences in purpose

Life Hacks

Finding flow — “flow” is perceived happiness: how to find it
Adding flow to necessary tasks — a rumination on how to make tasks enjoyable
Criteria for a successful diet —  how to select/create a satisfactory diet
Self-taught practitioners — the problems encountered by the self-taught
How to be happier — good tips on increasing happiness
How to make and manage a home budgeta method that accounts for implicit spending
Tools for better thinking — good tools for analysis, deciding solving problems; see also choosing the tool
Choices and FOMO — choosing a path is difficult because we want all paths
Man’s Search for Meaning — Viktor Frankl’s classic book on the choices you can make
Observe behavior — pay close attention to your behavior, not just your thoughts
Groupthink of one — why it’s difficult to observe your own behavior
Tips to sleep well — how to get a good night’s sleep
Increase your self-control — how to boost self-control, and why it flags
Fixing hearing loss — a vital life hack (read the post for why). This one’s important.
Computer posture+exercise — easy way to avoid pains and problems
More computer-posture exercises — good ones
Advice for Pilates beginner — from a beginner: what I wish I had known
How to sew on a buttona small thing, but I didn’t know how to do it right


How to be a genius — not magical, just methodical
How to be effectivea useful method that’s worth a try
The peril of pursuing perfectionif you want to produce quality, go for quantity: experience teaches
Why the growth mindset works — search the blog on “mindset” to find more posts on Dweck and mindset
Implicitly teaching growth mindset — long before I knew about it as a thing, but in fact teaching it
Making the most of teaching math by the lecture method — a paper I wrote some years back
Critical thinking — online instruction in critical thinking skills
Techniques of Science Denial — the basic armamentarium of science deniers
Tools for better thinking — good collection of solid tools; see also how to choose the right tools
Books on critical thinking — Nigel Warburton discusses five books on critical thinking
Science v. Pursuit of Ignorance — deliberately choosing ignorance seems to be post-science
Advice for students — excellent suggestions and ideas at
Critical thinking & creativity courses — excellent instructional materials
Edward De Bono site — more critical thinking instructional tools
Driver-training game using Russian dash-cam videos — that says it all
How to praise kids — incorrect praise demotivates; correct praise motivates
Disciplining children — thinking about the goals helps shape the discipline
Resources for students — links to software, sites, advice, etc.
Learning from life experience — education from life vs. from school
Story of a change in learning strategy — from a math tutorial I taught
Intelligent YouTube Videos — lots of free education
The Cornell note-taking system — excellent way to take lecture notes
Notalon — a program for Cornell note-taking (Mac, Windows, Linŭ)
For the autodidact — resources for the self-directed learner
Free electronic flashcards — many sets already created, or create your own
Memoriser — a program to help you memorize things

Safety and Situational Awareness

Self-protection — provides many tips
Gaslighting checklist — serious warning signs in a relationship
How to describe a person — what the police want in a description
How to record the cops — A guide to the technology for keeping government accountable
International Spelling Alphabet — how to spell out words clearly


God in process theology — process theology has a compelling approach
God’s choice in families — general ruminations on the Divine
God as meme — the particular reality of God(s)

Money Issues

Budget planning & tracking — this is an updated (and, I think, improved) version of the next item
Managing Money — a method and a spreadsheet to construct a budget for your own situation
Set up credit card alerts — a good reminder that also serves as an immediate fraud alert
Basic rules of personal finance — things you need to know for the Excel workbook to work
Grocery-expense tracking spreadsheet — easy to compare how you’re doing with your goals
Kakeibo method — a way to plan your savings and expenses and free tools to do it well
Free budgeting tools — links to many budgeting tools
Make your own laundry detergent — fun and saves money
The origins of consumerism — consumerism was not an accident; it was planned.
Dangerous side-effects of wealth — some is good, too much is destructive
The things of greatest value — what they can’t take away from you
Why progressive taxation is fair — it evens out the value of the taxed amount
Make a microloan — microlending helps

Life & Work Management

Seven good habitsan approach to becoming more effective (recently updated again) — a web app for implementing the 7 habits of previous link
Outliners — a great tool for break goals into tasks, tasks, into subtasks
Practicing patience —- patience is a great strength when used effectively
Prepare for your layoff — you will be laid off at some point—be ready
Job-loss as culture shock — and the role of memes
Dangerous memes — what they are, how they work, and their danger to us
The Management Myth — overblown and overvalued: the MBA
Why unions — why did unions form and why are they important?
What unions did in Las Vegas — heartwarming
Hiring a STAR — interviewing to determine whether you have a potential star
Mindmapping software — some people find mindmaps helpful
Doing your best — what it means to do your best—and what it’s like
12 pointers to advance — essential steps to successful advancement
The yessable proposition — what it is and why it’s important
Doing presentations — guidance for standout presentations
Early hindsight — a useful technique adaptable to many creative situations
Nominal Group Technique — often more effective than brainstorming
Making sound decisions — how to avoid the common traps in decision-making
Cultural blindnesswhen one’s cultural training renders things invisible (see also)


Selecting a cat — what to consider when you adopt a cat or kitten
Terrific books on cat behavior — Roger Tabor really knows cats; each book is great

Cooking and Cooking Tools

Knife sharpening — reference information and links to best sharpeners; see also this post
Essential Kitchen Knife Skillls — a very informative brief 4-session free course (I learned a lot)
How to chop every vegetable —  useful video with only a few errors (which I point out)
Best cast-iron skillet — based on my experience with several brands
Carbon-steel skillets — they’re excellent
Staub round cocotte sizes — I love my round cocottes—I have a 20cm in red and 24cm in yellow. Note that the “quarts” in the post are Imperial quarts. 1 Imperial quart = 1.2 US quarts
Omega-3: Superfood — why you should be taking 4 grams of fish oil daily
Info on cooking oils — all the common cooking oils, giving smoke point and omega 6 to omega 3 ratios
Top antioxidants — best foods for antioxidants
Benefits of flaxseed — flaxseed oil capsules are a handy way to get the benefits. See also this post.
Olive oil dispensers — why and which
Why fiber is good for you — we are starting to understand why dietary fiber is good
Weight-loss impatience — source of the impatience people feel regarding weight-loss
Criteria for a good diet — a brief list of criteria to choose a diet you can stick with
Eating by color — system for eating a “good variety” of fruit and veggies
When to buy organic — when it pays to buy organic and when it doesn’t
Produce storage advice — some produce will spoil if stored together
Dietary supplements database — useful info on supplements


Dietary advice with reasons — Includes lots of recommendations for the novice cook
Greger’s Daily Dozen, annotated — planning whole-food plant-based meals
The Recipes — all the recipes in this blog: search results on category “Recipes”
Sample salad checklist — I kept forgetting some ingredients, so a checklist
Pink Power Slushie —  Greger’s cranberry slushie amped up with lemon pulp and hibiscus tea
The Game Changers” — best diet for competitive athletes: scroll down to “Recipes”
Patent for “Glorious One-Pot Meals” — where it all started
“Glorious One-Pot Meals” Guide – Complete guide for improvisation
“Glorious One-Pot Meals” recipes — lots of ideas as you create your own
Lamb Shanks Beatrice — a long-time favorite
Best Beef Stroganoff — by George and Helen Papashvily
Plant-based country-style collards — simmering long and slow
How to cook dried beans — things I had not known but work extremely well
Hummus — solid basic recipe, with variants
Grub template — A sound template for daily meals (not company fare).
Mixed greens — A recipe template for mixed greens, which I eat twice a day
Mixed vegetables — A recipe template for mixed vegetables — see also this post
Basic vegetble stew — This is what has gradually evolved: greens + veg combo
How to cook pasta — A 2-minute video that taught me a lot—& pasta’s glycemic index is low if cooked al dente
All the Breads I’ve Loved BeforeThe Younger Daughter’s recipe blog
Sous vide cooking — Things I learned in starting sous vide cooking.
Spatchcock a chicken — Spatchcock chicken to grill or roast
Spatchcock a turkey — Spatchcock turkey for even roasting and easy carving
Fermenting vegetables — my currently on-going efforts, lessons learned, and recipes
Making your own tempeh — easy and you can vary the recipe (different beans, grains)
Foolproof tempeh — the method I worked out by trial and error — and it works
Basic steps for homemade tempeh — a summary of lessons learned and reasons why — good site with tempeh information and an excellent starter culture
Tempeh incubator box — if your oven doesn’t do the job, this DIY incubator will be worth making
Tempeh breakfast sausage — how (and why) to make it (and it’s easy)
Tempeh bacon — a delicious savory treat
Chickpea-peanut tempeh — and a link to a curry recipe using it
Quick & easy steak — (updated to include slow & easy) — best ways to cook a steak at home
How to make a Martini — avoid the myths and misleading information
Pu-erh pressed tea cake — how they’re made, how they’re aged, how to use
Texas caviar — my own variation
Pepper sauce — my own variation
Pressed picnic sandwiches — highly portable sandwiches for picnic or plane
Black-bean chili with chicken breast — 3 WW points/serving, delicious, and easy
Ratatouile with chicken breast — 3 WW points/serving; describes how to poach chicken breast
Turkey thighs with bacon, tomatoes, and porcini mushrooms —  totally wonderful
My former typical breakfast — 4 WW points and good in many ways
WFPB breakfast smoothie — an easy breakfast, with ideas for variations
Liver cooked right — an explanation for why cast-iron is so good and how to cook liver.
MSG without fear — no reason not to use MSG to add umami to dishes
Homemade sports drinks — three recipes for sports drinks
Harvy-Scarvy recipe — excellent with cold pork; recipe due to M.F.K. Fisher.
Low-carb breakfast on the run — and some ruminations on a LCHF diet
Bran-muffin breakfastan excellent bran muffin recipe

Diabetes and Fitness

The Other Diabetes: Living and Eating Well With Type 2 Diabetes — excellent book for new type 2 diabetics
Nordic walking — some links about how to make a good exercise enjoyable: definitions, equipment, practice.
Strong Women Stay Young (Revised Edition) — excellent guide to fitness with minimal time investment

Marijuana Legalization

Medical marijuana tools — information on resources
Key rulings on medical marijuana — links to actual court decisions
Results of drug decriminalization in Portugal (PDF) — on July 1, 2001, all drugs were decriminalized in Portugal — and they like the result. Read the report for the reasons why.

Health, Politics, & Big Business

Lead pollution — how Big Business tries to kill you and damage your children
The Achilles heel of Libertarianism — only things that turn a profit get done

Climate Change

Global warming analogy — to help persuade the “do nothing” crowd
Answers to climate skeptics — a response for each common argument

Life on Earth

Origin of life on Earth — the likely origin of life
Origin of animal life on Earth — why animals were late to the party
Evolution of community — example of memes starting to shape human evolution (cf. tools)


R. Graves on writing well — how to write well, with a collection of exercises
Writing with verbs — vigorous writing makes reading easy
50 writing tips — a collection of tips, some of which might help you
4-sentence outline — how to write solid papers
WorkFlowy — a superb free outliner; allows easy collaboration; easy export
Collaborative writing tip — useful info for when you must collaborate
Italic handwriting — how to have beautiful handwriting
Moral Mirror journal — a journal to observe your moral/ethical self
College journal — keeping a journal of your college years: outline and ideas
Baby journal — keeping a journal of your baby’s early years
One-sentence journal — the one-sentence journal idea
While-boarding journal — journals for the frequent traveler


Drawing the human figure — how to draw
Grow luffa sponges — if you garden, a fun project
Fitaly keyboard — a keyboard designed for stylus input (it’s wonderful)
Rumford Fireplace — the perfect traditional fireplace
Learn to play Go — interactive instruction and exercises
Test for synesthesia — it’s not so rare as once was thought
Some thoughts on art — art’s prerequisites

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